Stars Dance Tour: 09. Birthday Cake by Rihanna (Cover)

”Come and put your name on it”

05.22.14 ♡256

Stars Dance Tour: 08. Birthday 

”Party on, Baby”

05.15.14 ♡122

Stars Dance Tour: 07. Write Your Name

"Love engraved, it’s what we are, more than words, this love is art."

04.19.14 ♡525

Stars Dance Tour: 06. Stars Dance 

”’Everything i touch turns to love”

03.01.14 ♡813

Stars Dance Tour: 05. Work by Iggy Azalea (Cover)

”All aboard my spaceship to Mercury”

12.18.13 ♡1102

Stars Dance Tour: 04. B.E.A.T.

”i feel like dancing when i hear that sound”

12.18.13 ♡509

Stars Dance Tour: 03. Like A Champion

”Stand up let ‘em know that you shine bright”

12.17.13 ♡601

Stars Dance Tour: 02. Round & Round

”You always told me lies, I’ve cried out all my tears”

12.17.13 ♡279

Stars Dance Tour: 01. Bang Bang Bang

”Baby don’t hold your breath, I’ve moved on to the next one”

12.16.13 ♡524